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I know it is, I just normally don’t end up having to deal with those people. Even though my rant was kind if just stating the obvious, I kinda needed to.
Thanks hun though, don’t really need to have seen the video to get my joke I was just copying the make up from it.
People are asshats and I’m glad I have a handful of cool friends on here at least

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*banging head on desk* How to organize this information in a logical non-ranting way in 3 hours. 

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221B (Sherlockian’s Lament) to the tune of Hey there Delilah

(From THIS post. Sorry about my stupid voice. I tried)

Hey there Whovians you’re on what, like, season 6 now?

Supernatural got an update

And Merlin just got something too, that’s nothing new

I sigh and re-watch season 2, there’s only two.

Hey there tumblr I know you worry about Sherlockians

You say we’ve gone a little crazy, ‘cause we’re on a long hiatus

But can’t you see, we’re still waiting for season three

Yeah, that’s right THREE!

Oh we miss 221B

Oh we miss 221B

Oh we miss 221B

Oh we miss 221B


Hey there Sherlockians, I know times are getting hard

But just believe in Sherlock, and some how we’ll all get through the fall

Less than a year, we’ll have the season three premiere

So persevere.

Hey there tumblr, can you try to understand us

We’re a fandom always waiting

And maybe we’ve gone a little crazy, but you’d have too

With only six episodes to view, you know it’s true.

Oh we miss 221B

Oh we miss 221B

Oh we miss 221B

Oh we miss 221B

Two thousand thirteen’s way too long

But as a fandom we’ll stay strong

And know the wait will end for us someday

Other fandoms might make fun

But we don’t really mind because

We’re all just one big family

Sherlockians I know we’re blue

But crack fics help us make it through

So I don’t think we need to be ashamed

We can’t be tamed.

Hey there Sherlockians

Even though they call us crazy

I’m so proud of this whole fandom

‘Cause it never has been easy, you’d agree.

We’re still waiting for season three

And there’s no news from BBC

Some times I think I’ll never see

A season three.

Oh we miss 221B

Oh we miss 221B

Oh we miss 221B

Oh we miss 221B



It wasn’t originally going to be Lyssannah, but it became her. Young paladin Lyssannah before she became a Herald. Too lazy to colour, but eyes are a must

I am now satisfied with how i draw on a tablet though i still prefer traditional pencil.


I guess I have an unfollower spree going on. Down to 232 now

231. Dropped over 10 followers quite quickly.